classes and support for birth and postpartum in RVA


I have a hard time partitioning off parts of my training based on what package you have purchased. That means that when you hire me as your doula or childbirth educator, you benefit from whatever trainings are relevant at the time, so acupressure, photography, optimal fetal positioning, birth art, pain coping techniques, childbirth education, and postpartum skills and knowledge come with hiring me. If you hired me for postpartum, yet you're pregnant and find out your baby is breech, call me and I am happy to suggest positions over the phone or come over and use one of your postpartum hours for acupressure. If you hire me for birth, but you have breastfeeding difficulties a month postpartum, call me and I will work within my scope of practice as a postpartum doula to help support you and offer referrals as needed. If you hire me as a childbirth educator, but you'd like some newborn photos at the postpartum visit, let's do it!  You hire me and whatever expertise is relevant at the time for your birth and postpartum journey.
  1. Birth Doula Services
    Two prenatal visits in your home, with an acupressure session included in the 2nd visit if desired, labor support at home and/or hospital, birth and newborn photography, and at least one postpartum visit. Extra Prenatal Support. $300 for 6 extra visits, monthly and then weekly from 38 weeks to baby
  2. Postpartum & Classes
    This package includes 12 hours of postpartum support, divided into three or four hour shifts AND childbirth education. You can choose from a group class or a three hour private class in your own home.
  3. Childbirth Education
    $40/Hour Private $150-200 Group Series
    Birthing From Within private classes are $40/hour in your home or group 6 week series & intensives. A Birthing From Within class is a holistic supplement or alternative to other forms of CBE. We cover the same practical information, and also practice pain coping techniques and birth art processes.
  4. Postpartum Doula Services
    $25/hour. Typical packages would be 4, 10, or 20 hours. I require a minimum of 4 hours, but this can be broken up into two visits. At this time, I am not offering overnight support but am glad to refer you to another postpartum doula for that service. *Special: My first 3 clients booked for postpartum support will receive a wonderful rate of $18/hour!!
  5. Postpartum Support
    common packages are 12, 24 or 36 hours ($300, $600, $900) 3 or 4 hour shifts Availability is afternoons, evenings and weekends, and once/week overnight services.
  6. Postpartum Check-In
    One hour visit. Includes an up-to-date resource file for support groups and postpartum resources. We can talk about your birth experience, help with normal breastfeeding (referral to IBCLC if appropriate), or talk about your postpartum needs and moods. I'm happy to help with light housework if time! *The postpartum check-in is included in a class!
  7. Acupressure & OFP
    36 weeks+ only. 1.5 hour visit to show you exercises for optimal fetal positioning and show you and/or your partner acupressure points for pain relief and labor progress. (I am trained in acupressure by Keith Bell, and in Spinning Babies techniques for optimal fetal positioning.)
Recommended for families with older children!

To set up an initial consultation (interview, no obligation), please visit this link to the new Birthing From Within Richmond website and fill out the form there. (This website has had some technical glitches but is still being linked to, so I haven't yet deactivated it.) You can also call 804-399-1135 or email  adirabirthservices@gmail.com