classes and support for birth and postpartum in RVA

Every act of birth requires the courage to let go of something, to let go of the womb, to let go of the breast, to let go of the lap, to let go of the hand, to let go eventually of all certainties, and to rely on one thing: one’s own power to be aware and to respond: that is, one’s creativity. To be creative means to consider the whole process of life as a process of birth. -Erich Fromm, 1959


I am a ToLabor certified professional birth doula. 

peace of mind
Unlimited phone, text, or email communication through your pregnancy and postpartum period. I am on call for you 24/7, 2 weeks before your due date until you deliver your baby.

Initial free no-obligation interview to answer any questions you may have and get to know one another. 
I always work with a back up doula in the rare event that I will not be able to attend your birth. You and my back-up doula can communicate to your comfort level. 

prenatal support
I provide a collection of readings and articles for home study and two approximately 90 minute prenatal visits in your home to discuss your birth preferences and options, the physiology and stages of labor, comfort measures and any topics relevant to your pregnancy and birth. At the second visit, we shift into late pregnancy and postpartum gear and discuss signs of labor, breastfeeding, postpartum preferences and practice relaxation and positions for labor. (If you hire me earlier in your pregnancy and would like extra prenatal support, please see the prenatal support add-on below!)

As a childbirth educator with a Master's in Teaching, I am uniquely qualified to design your doula prenatal visits around topics that are relevant to you. Doula prenatal visits do not substitute for quality childbirth education, however. I love doula prenatal visits to be hands on with exercises for optimal fetal positioning, acupressure, birth art processes or pain coping practice with holding ice. Having had childbirth classes facilitates your getting the most out of your doula prenatal visits.

I am happy to recommend a childbirth educator and I offer a $25 discount for my own childbirth education classes for doula clients. 


I am trained in acupressure for labor with Keith Bell, an internationally recognized expert in holistic health and Licensed Acupuncturist. I include a 30-40 minute acupressure session at the second prenatal visit (usually at 37 weeks) in the base fee, with the understanding that it will substitute for some discussion. (Prenatal visits are about an hour and a half). 

Additional weekly acupressure sessions are available at 36 weeks onward for $69 each. 

labor support
When you are in labor, I will join you when you need me, at your home or the hospital and stay with you through the birth of your baby. I offer aromatherapy if desired, acupressure, counterpressure, amateur labor and birth photography and I help facilitate your informed choices. I help the partner understand what is going on, and give him or her ideas for how to support the laboring person, as well as provide support for the partner as they step over the threshold of parenthood.

I usually take about 50-100 photos of your labor, birth, and hour following your birth, with care provider permission. I also am happy to take photos of your new family at the postpartum visits. At this time, I am only offering photography to clients who hire me for labor support. I don't offer photography only packages. Click here for examples of birth photography,

postpartum support
I will stay 1-2 hours after the birth. I will help you breastfeed if desired, and help get you settled and nourished.  I visit you in the first two weeks of your birth. This is a time to discuss your birth experience, signs of postpartum depression, breastfeeding, going back to work, family adjustments and help you get access to any resources and support you may need from other sources postpartum.

breastfeeding support
I am trained in how to get breastfeeding off to a great start and normal difficulties and issues and can assist at our postpartum meeting. I also am trained to recognize when you may need the support of a breastfeeding specialist and am able to help you access those resources should you need them, in those lovely but sleep deprived early days when you just need someone to hand you a list of numbers to call.


I am a CAPPA certified postpartum doula. 

 "She would arrive and we'd chat a little. She'd immediately take the baby so I ​                                                          could take a (long) hot shower. It's amazing how much more human you feel ​                                                          after that! I'd dress, take back my baby, and climb into bed to nurse (which ​                                                          was great, because my baby had a horrible latch and needed all the help she ​                                                          could get). Cat would do the dishes, finish folding laundry, and play with my ​                                                          older boys. She'd cook us dinner and leave the kitchen tidier than when she had ​                                                          arrived. - click here for a wonderful article written by a former postpartum doula client who is also a student midwife and birth doula

Benefits of a postpartum doula:

My priority as a postpartum doula is you, the birth parent. I am there for you. Meeting your needs so that you can meet the needs of your growing family is my priority.  Looking out for you while you step over the threshold into motherhood (whether for the first time or the fourth) is a service that I am honored and humbled to provide. 

Light housekeeping, laundry, dishes, preparing meals, snacks and drinks, running errands, sibling support, pet care: these are all things I am happy to do as a postpartum doula so that you can focus on recovering from your birth and nurturing your new little one.  I'm also happy to babywear and nurture your new baby so that you can spend quality time with your older children. Even fifteen minutes of one-on-one time with an older child can help ease both your and their transition into your growing family.

knowledge and emotional support
My experience as a birth doula and childbirth educator makes me uniquely honored to listen to your birth story and help you process your experience as you make your postpartum return. 

I am well trained in newborn and new mom care, and can answer your questions with evidence based information, as well as guide you to resources so that you can start down this journey of parenting (whether it's your first or your fourth baby) with confidence. I can help you with tips and tricks for normal recovery from vaginal or Cesarean birth. I can assist you with your latch, breastfeeding positions and help you troubleshoot common challenges, all while keeping an eye out for signs that you may need the help of a lactation consultant or other specialist. I always have resources ready for you to call should you need help with something outside of my scope of practice. 

I always bring my camera with me and am ready to take candid photography of your early postpartum period, documenting the family in this special time. I do not edit the photos but do provide them to you quickly in a secure and private online gallery for you to download.

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